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Portfolio Valuation & Transaction Services


Advantage Consulting Group has assisted our clients in conducting portfolio valuations, sales transactions and conversions since 1993. Our experience includes a wide variety of merchant engagements and hands-on experience as executives with leading card issuers. 

We’ve helped shape the fundamental investment methodology used by many leading credit card issuers, and have also managed portfolio ourselves – so we can understand the true value, risks and opportunities of a thorough value exchange. Our proprietary valuation models have been validated by the marketplace as professional, accurate and up-to-date, based on ever-changing payments industry conditions.

At Advantage, we can help merchants fully understand the value of their credit card portfolios in the market. Using our deep knowledge of the portfolio sale process, we formulate and guide effective and efficient portfolio conversion and program relaunch strategies and tactics for our clients.

Advantage provides full card portfolio transaction management services for our clients, which include:

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