The Payments Industry & Merchant Credit Card Program Experts

Case Studies


Program Assessment-Leading Home Goods Retailer

  • Our client, a leading retailer of home goods, has been marketing a private label credit card program for many years
  • The program had experienced moderate performance across all key metrics and our client had concerns about the issuer’s commitment to the program
  • In preparation for renegotiations with their current issuer, our client was seeking an independent, fair market assessment of their current program and agreement
Engagement Objectives
  • Review the size, scope and performance of the card program
  • Identify areas for enhancement
  • Provide an independent assessment of the market value
  • Seek alliance proposals from the current card issuer and several competitors
  • Develop the go-forward card strategy
  • Create a term sheet including desired financial contributions and other key contractual provisions
  • Provide behind-the-scenes guidance in the negotiation process
  • Identified several opportunities for enhancement
  • Created recommended term sheet
  • Secured competitive bids from incumbent and several competitors
  • Developed the go-forward strategy for the program
  • Assisted client in securing a long term renewal with the current card issuer
  • Secured significantly enhanced financial considerations and enhanced contract provisions

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