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How You Can Benefit from an Independent Assessment of your Credit Card Agreement

Each year, Advantage supports dozens of merchants in preparing for the renegotiation of their credit card program agreements including co-brand, private label consumer and commercial agreements and merchant card agreements in the U.S. and international markets. As credit industry experts, we provide our clients with a deep knowledge of important merchant credit card programs and timely perspective of the marketplace that they could not get on their own.

Credit Card Renegotiation Support is Designed to:

To accomplish this, Advantage conducts an independent, expert assessment of your card program agreement(s).

Key Elements of a Successful Program Assessment

Advantage can also assist with the renegotiation of your agreements either through direct negotiation with your providers, or by providing behind-the-scenes negotiation support.

Our clients have enjoyed tremendous success as a result of our renegotiation support, including significant enhancements to agreement terms and financial commitments.

To learn more about our independent agreement assessment services, please contact us at (516) 795-7300.

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