The Payments Industry & Merchant Credit Card Program Experts

Case Studies


RFP Process Management-U.S.Regional Airline

  • Our client, a regional airline, had an existing co-branded credit card program that was losing momentum in terms of file penetration, new accounts and cardholder performance metrics
  • Recent legislation had negatively impacted the client-card issuer working relationship as the card issuer continued to reduce the value of the credit card offer for consumers
  • Our client was highly motivated to fully understand competitive issuer options available in the market
Engagement Objectives
  • Evaluate the current program performance and assess client contractual options
  • Manage a competitive RFP to secure the optimal card issuer and network partner to achieve our client’s objectives
  • Provide contract negotiation support
  • Support the transition and conversion process
  • Provide ongoing program management support to maximize program performance
  • Selected a highly motivated card issuer
  • Secured market competitive financial terms (including a 25% lift over previous financial terms)
  • Renegotiated agreement with the current payment network - increased compensation by 100%
  • Created more balanced agreements that reflected current marketplace best practices
  • Created portfolio-win-back strategy that exceeded legacy asset and account base in 24 months
  • Provided ongoing program management support for 12 months

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