The Payments Industry & Merchant Credit Card Program Experts

Case Studies


RFP Process Management–Leading Recreational Vehicle Company

  • Our client, a leader in the recreational vehicles market had an established co-brand program with a leading credit card issuer and payment network
  • Our client was concerned about performance of the program which had been on the decline for years
  • Our client was interested in exploring alternative alliance opportunities available in the market and securing market competitive agreements
Engagement Objectives
  • Identify opportunities for program and alliance enhancement
  • Plan and manage a comprehensive RFP process
  • Evaluate and negotiate card issuer and network proposals
  • Identify the optimal partners for our client
  • Support the negotiations of the card issuer and network agreements
  • Provide guidance with the sale and conversion of the credit card portfolio
  • Conducted an extremely successful RFP process including five leading card issuers and two payment networks
  • Secured instant credit rollout for retail locations and e-commerce sites
  • Secured significant marketing commitment for new account acquisition activities
  • Successfully negotiated agreement with selected card issuer and payment network
  • Secured 25% lift in issuer contributions, 100% lift in network contributions

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