The Payments Industry & Merchant Credit Card Program Experts

Case Studies


Program Assessment & Renegotiation Support-Global Multi-brand Lodging Company

  • Our client and its card issuer had developed a strong working relationship and a strong performing credit card program
  • The credit card agreement was approaching its termination date
  • The credit card issuer provided a proactive proposal for agreement renewal
  • Our client was seeking an independent assessment of the proposal to ensure that it was competitive in market given the size and scope of the card program
  • Our client was also seeking renegotiation support for the payment network agreement
Engagement Objectives
  • Assess the strength of the card issuer proposal based on the size and scope of the program and recent market activity for similarly situated card programs
  • Identify areas for enhancement in the proposed financial and non-economic terms
  • Negotiate directly with the card issuer on behalf of our client
  • Support the execution of a revised alliance agreement
  • Assess the payment network agreement
  • Negotiate the payment network agreement
  • Long-term agreement extensions with the incumbent card issuer and payment network were secured
  • Secured significantly enhanced (25%+) financial terms above original issuer proposal
  • Secured significant enhancement to payment network contributions
  • Several new, market competitive terms were added to the agreement

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