The Payments Industry & Merchant Credit Card Program Experts

Case Studies


Private Placement–Affinity Card Program

  • Our client had a successful longstanding affinity relationship with a leading card issuer
  • The relationship was terminated by the card issuer as part of a strategic portfolio rationalization process, leaving our partner with a major gap in their customer and business plans
  • Our client needed immediate assistance to re-establish a viable card issuer relationship
Engagement Objectives
  • Given extremely tight timing requirements, streamline the selection of a new card partner
  • Screen the industry to identify the top two card issuer candidates for the program
  • Support the contract negotiation process and secure a new card issuer agreement with competitive terms
  • A new card issuer agreement was secured in 45 days
  • The new card program was re-launched 90 days later
  • Both our client and the selected card issuer were extremely pleased with the streamlined relationship process and economic outcome

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