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Case Studies


International Card Program Expansion-Leading Global Lodging Company

  • Our client, a leading international global lodging company, was seeking to expand its successful co-branded program into several international markets including the UK, Canada, and Mexico. Our client required assistance in assessing the viability of each market and securing market partners
Engagement Objectives
  • Conduct co-brand market studies for each target market and assess the viability of program expansion
  • Plan and manage RFP processes for viable markets
  • Evaluate and negotiate proposals
  • Select program partners for each market
  • Negotiate alliance agreements with card issuers and payment networks
  • Detailed evaluations for each market were conducted
  • It was concluded that two of the three markets presented viable co-brand expansion options for our client
  • RFP processes were successfully conducted for both markets
  • Secured competitive card issuer and card payment network alliance agreements in both markets
  • Both programs were launched within a 12 month period

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