The Payments Industry & Merchant Credit Card Program Experts

Case Studies


Card Issuer Agreement Renegotiation Support-Leading Retailer of Women’s Clothing

  • Our client had been marketing a highly successful private label credit card program for over 20 years with its card issuer
  • The program agreement was approaching its termination date
  • The incumbent card issuer had submitted a new proposal for an long-term agreement extension
  • Our client had never taken the program to market and was concerned that the terms in the agreement were significantly dated
  • Given the size of the program our client was also concerned that the financial contributions being provided were no longer at market
Engagement Objectives
  • Conduct an independent assessment of the program
  • Determine the market value of the program given the program size, performance and recent market activity for similar programs
  • Evaluate the program agreement and identify areas for enhancement
  • Evaluate incumbent card issuer new proposal
  • Develop go-forward strategy (renegotiate with incumbent, or go to RFP)
  • Executed recommended strategy
  • Assessment revealed significant gaps to market concerning financial contributions and agreement terms
  • Determined that the incumbent card issuer proposal was not competitive by market standards
  • Renegotiated incumbent card issuer proposal
  • Conducted RFP process including multiple card issuers
  • Secured enhanced proposals from incumbent card issuer and other participants
  • Secured long-term extension of agreement with incumbent card issuer with highly competitive market terms and financial contributions

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